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PIREPS July 2018



Welcome to PIREPS!

PIREPS brings you the latest news and information from Premier Aircraft Sales and Premier Aircraft Service. Premier carries a large, constantly-refreshing inventory of new Diamond and Mooney aircraft and pre-owned Beechcraft, Cessna, Cirrus and Piper aircraft. We broker aircraft for sale, and are also an Authorized Service Center for Cessna, Diamond, Mooney, Centurion and Lycoming. For more information, visit us at For best mobile experience, view this newsletter in Desktop mode.


Thousands in Incentives for Remaining 2018 Mooney Ultras!


For a limited time, Premier is offering thousands of dollars of incentives with the purchase of a new Mooney Ultra! With the improved economy, we’ve sold almost all 2018 delivery slots for new Mooneys, but fortunately for you, Premier has an Acclaim Ultra demonstrator and two new Ovation Ultras that will be available for delivery in July.


Between now and the end of Oshkosh, these three aircraft include, AT NO EXTRA COST, factory transition training, an extended 4th and 5th year warranty ($25k value), $10k towards advanced training (like an instrument rating, commercial certificate, ATP, tail-wheel endorsement, aerobatic training, etc.), as well as a possible lease-back opportunity in select areas! The only thing you must do is place a 10% deposit, pick an N-number, and decide where you’re going on your first cross-country.


We make an aircraft purchase easy by taking trades and have great financing available. If you’re someone who likes to fly fast and reap the benefits of owning the safest, best built airplane in its class, you’re in luck! Give us a call today and schedule a demo flight that will leave a lasting smile on your face for years into ownership. You won’t regret it. Buyers with business use can depreciate the entire purchase in 2018 if they wish.


Mooney Aircraft 

Consider a Leaseback Mooney Ultra for More Economical Ownership


Premier is searching for buyers interested in leasing back their Ultra to Premier for demonstration purposes. The aircraft are flown only by highly qualified, high-time demo pilots. We are especially interested in planes based in the following key cities: Fort Lauderdale, Dallas, Atlanta and Daytona Beach, while others will be considered. A leaseback purchase can qualify you for substantial tax savings. Contact Fred Ahles, (954) 771-0411 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Visit the Mooney and Diamond Booths for a Personal Showing or Demo at Oshkosh July 23-29


If you are thinking about taking advantage of the incentives on 2018 Ultras, consider visiting us at the Mooney display at Oshkosh! Factory experts and Premier’s sales representatives will be available to give you a personal showing and orientation to the Acclaim and Ovation Ultras. Serious buyers can pre-arrange a demo flight by contacting Lee Drumheller, (334) 663-3151 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before the start of Oshkosh.


Likewise, Diamond is planning a huge booth display to show off the 2018 Diamond DA62, DA42-VI and DA40 NG. Jeff Owen, VP Sales at Premier, will be on hand along with factory experts to show you the features and benefits of Diamond aircraft and answer any questions you have. Contact Jeff Owen at (954) 771-0411 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information on Diamond’s latest products.


The State of the Aircraft Market

By Barry Rutheiser, Regional Sales Manager

After owning 17 airplanes during my flying years and enjoying the opportunity to sell owner-flown private aircraft for almost 20 years, I wanted to share some thoughts on the current state of the personally-flown aircraft market.


Once the new tax code was announced late last year, there was a noticeable increase in folks looking for their first airplane, those looking to step up or step down, and some pilots looking for new aircraft. The used aircraft market is still the dominant segment, so in my experience the market took on a revival which I had not experienced in some time.


Now the market became reversed! Inventory, not customers, has become more challenging to find. Since most of our inventory is company-owned, we have extremely high standards for aircraft that we intend to inventory. We look for relatively newer aircraft with no damage history. While there is ample inventory out in the market presently, most are aircraft with “needs” such as engine, cosmetics, avionics, etc., but it is rare that we purchase an aircraft with damage history. Thus, the aircraft we would consider for inventory has narrowed down quite a bit.


Many customers are now entering into acquisition agreements, retaining us to find them the “right” aircraft for their needs and budget. Recently we engaged in an acquisition agreement with one customer and found him the aircraft he desired in only one week!


So, what are the lessons here? If you have a premier quality aircraft and you have been considering selling, now is a great time to contact us. We are eager to acquire the right planes at the right price.


Also, we encourage you to seek relatively low time (for year of manufacture) aircraft with no damage history, with cosmetics that require just a freshening-up and very few repair, replacement or upgrade. In the long run these are the types of aircraft may cost a bit more to purchase but be less expensive to maintain and, because they are premium-quality aircraft, when the time comes to sell they are considerably easier to market.


In short, I recommend taking the time to find to find a “bucket list” aircraft, as close as possible to your dream plane. Sinking a lot of money into to bringing a plane up to your expectations has a way of taking the thrill out of the purchase. And remember, you are not likely to recoup a major investment at sale.


If you are in the market to buy or sell, use an experienced dealer to help you obtain the best possible airplane for your dollar. Dealers who rely on return customers and referrals always strive to give you the best product available. And they are in the market place every day!


Visit Premier at AOPA in Gulf Shores, Alabama Oct. 26-27


It doesn’t hurt to plan ahead! AOPA’s Fly-In at the Jack Edwards National Airport (KJKA) Oct. 26-27 in Gulf Shores, Alabama provides a special opportunity for pilots to relax, learn, and connect with other pilots and enthusiasts. Whether you’re an aircraft owner, experienced pilot, rusty pilot, new pilot, student pilot, or just plain crazy about airplanes, an AOPA Fly-In has something for you. Premier Aircraft Sales’ representatives and factory experts and Premier’s sales representatives will be available to give you a personal showing and orientation to the Acclaim and Ovation Ultras. Subject to availability of aircraft, serious buyers can pre-arrange a demo flight by contacting Lee Drumheller, (334) 663-3151 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before the start of the show.


The combined two days are loaded to maximum gross with workshops, the Barnstormers Party, seminars, exhibits, world-class presenters, lots of aircraft, technologies, products, and services to make your flying more enjoyable, practical, and safe. For more information click here to visit AOPA’s website.


Visit Premier at AOPA in Gulf Shores, Alabama Oct. 26-27


Piper Magazine 


Proof positive of the excitement surrounding the new Premier Edition Piper Dakota, Premier Aircraft Sales’ new aircraft renovation program has made the cover of Piper Flyer magazine, along with an extensive story and review of the aircraft. The Premier Edition Piper Dakota gives aircraft owners a fully renovated, nearly-new looking plane for a fraction of the cost of buying a new one.


“People who own Dakotas keep their Dakotas for years, even decades, because it’s a great plane,” says Fred Ahles, president of Premier. “The Dakota is one of the very few four-seat airplanes that can actually carry four full-sized adults plus 72 gallons of fuel and still have around 100 lbs. left for baggage.”


A refurbished Premier Edition Piper Dakota means you will have a pristine-condition four-place airplane that’s easy to fly and economical to own, with modern avionics and in top mechanical condition. Although the aircraft are highly customizable with additional equipment and features, the basic Dakota renovation includes:

  • An extensive annual inspection ensuring all time life Items, service bulletins and AD’s are complied with
  • An engine overhauled to factory-new tolerances, including new Lycoming cylinders
  • A new three-bladed propeller that increases performance and is quieter
  • An avionics package which is custom-designed to your equipment specifications
  • GTN750 or GTN650 (both WAAS enabled), GMA350 audio panel, GTX345R transponder with ADS-B in & out capability, and includes traffic and weather; GNC225A second nav-com
  • Garmin G5 electronic attitude indicator with standby battery that indicates speed and altitude and Garmin G5 electronic H.S.I.
  • Overhaul existing autopilot (if equipped)
  • Completely refurbished vinyl interior. All seats are re-padded and side panels are redone
  • Complete strip and paint in the 2017 Archer DX paint scheme in the colors of your choice
  • All new or overhauled components are covered with manufacturer’s warranty


For more information, contact Barry Rutheiser at (954) 771-0411. More information about the program, and photos of a renovated plane, can be viewed on Premier’s inventory website page; click here.


Premier Seeking Seasoned Aircraft Sales Professionals


Premier is currently seeking an experienced aircraft sales professional with a proven track record of General Aviation piston and/or turboprop aircraft sales. Candidates must have aircraft sales experience to be considered. If you would like to join our team, contact Jeff Owen at (954) 771-0411 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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