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PIREPS March 2017



Welcome to PIREPS!

PIREPS brings you the latest news and information from Premier Aircraft Sales and Premier Aircraft Service. Premier carries a large, constantly-refreshing inventory of new Diamond and Mooney aircraft and pre-owned Beechcraft, Cessna, Cirrus and Piper aircraft. We broker aircraft for sale, and are also an Authorized Service Center for Cessna, Diamond, Mooney, Centurion and Lycoming. For more information, visit us at For best mobile experience, view this newsletter in Desktop mode.


Visit Premier For a Briefing and Demo of the DA62 April 11-12!


Diamond DA62  

Are you evaluating the purchase of a twin-engine aircraft? Attending Sun ‘n Fun? Or live within driving or flying distance of Fort Lauderdale, Florida?  If so, you’ll want to see and demo the DA62, Diamond’s diesel-powered, optional seven-seat twin during its US demo tour stop April 11-12 at Premier Aircraft Sales or at Sun ‘n Fun April 4-9. An optional seven-seat twin, the DA62 cruises at 198 kts with a range of 1,285 nm and a full fuel payload of 1,033 lbs – all while burning 11.8 gallons per hour in long range cruise.


“The DA62 is available for showing and demos April 11-12 at Premier, located at Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport (FXE) as well as at Plant City Airport during Sun ‘n Fun April 4-9,” says Jeff Owen, vice president for piston sales at Premier.  “We are setting aside two full days at FXE to give prospective owners as much time as they need for a comprehensive walk-around briefing about the aircraft. Serious buyers will be taken for a comprehensive demo to demonstrate the climb performance, handling capability, advanced avionics and cabin comfort of the plane.”


To schedule time for a briefing or demo on any of these dates, please call Owen at (954) 771-0411, email him here, or click here to fill out an appointment request. There are a limited number of 2017 production positions available.


Mooney Acclaim Ultra on Display at Sun ‘n Fun


Mooney Ultra


Mooney International’s Acclaim Ultra, Mooney’s new entry into the two-door, four seat, luxury interior general aviation marketplace – and the fastest piston single manufactured – will be on display at the Mooney booth at Sun ‘n Fun April 4-9.  Premier Aircraft Sales reps will be staffing the booth, ready to provide a detailed walk-around briefing and discuss purchase, financing and insurance to prospective buyers.  If you would like to schedule a day or time to meet with a Premier rep, please call Owen at (954) 771-0411, email him here, or click here to fill out an appointment request. Otherwise, just stop by! There are a limited number of 2017 production positions available.


Premier Launches Piper Dakota “Premier Edition” Refurbishment Program

By Fred Ahles, President


Premier is adding another line to its Premier Edition renovation and refurbishment program with the introduction of the Piper Dakota Premier Edition.  This program, fully-customizable to the needs of the owner, utilizes a pre-owned aircraft that undergoes a completely restored airframe, all new avionics, prop, engine, paint, interior and an annual inspection. Additionally, following the refurbishment program all major components are under warranty, giving the owner the financial benefit and peace of mind that warranties bring.


“We put this program into place to give four-seat Piper customers another option: a beautiful, like-new Dakota for half the price of a new 180 hp Archer,” says Fred Ahles, president of Premier.  “A Dakota carries full fuel, 4 people and baggage; that is what has made it such an iconic aircraft in the Piper line.” A recent customer, he noted, took delivery of a 1980 refurbished Dakota that is turning heads on the ramp. Click here to see a brochure containing before, during and after photos of the refurbishment process and final outcome.


Included in a restoration of the Premier Edition Piper Dakota is labor and materials to remove  all flight controls, chemically strip the airplane, sand and grind all aluminum and steel parts, acid etching, alodining, epoxy priming and sanding, repairing all fiberglass and plastic pieces on the airplane and epoxy surface priming. The base coat applied is Matterhorn White and buyer custom-selects their choice of exterior stripes as available in the 2016 Piper Archer DX brochure. In addition, this airplane is delivered with new stainless steel hardware.


Like the exterior, the interior is stripped bare of the instrument panel, seats, side panels, headliner and carpet.  All-new avionics are installed per your unique specifications.  You have a choice of interior color schemes and will customize to your taste.  For more information, contact Fred Ahles at (954) 771-0411 or click here.


Premier Appoints Corbin Hallaran Vice President for Customer Service with Responsibility Spanning Both Service and Sales


corbinhallaran200x280Corbin Hallaran, long-time Director of Customer Service for the sales division of Premier, has been promoted to Vice President for Customer Service with responsibilities spanning both maintenance and sales at Premier.


“Corbin is a highly-respected member of the Premier team and has been with us since the beginning,” says Fred Ahles, President.  “He has not only been responsible for all safety and training activity of the company, but is our go-to guy for solving the inevitable unexpected problems that can crop up during aircraft purchase and delivery. His wealth of project management and customer service knowledge, when focused on maintenance, will bring our shop to a new level of efficiency and on-time delivery of aircraft to their owners.” Corbin is an ATP with over 8,000 hours.


Premier Aircraft Service is an authorized service center for Cessna, Diamond, Mooney, Lycoming and Centurion-Continental.  In addition, we have extensive experience with Piper, Cirrus and Beechcraft.  We are an FAA Part 145 repair station with 8 technicians trained to service both piston and turbine aircraft. To discuss your maintenance, repair or retrofit needs contact Ray Bysiewicz, director of maintenance, at (954) 334-2393 or click here.


Premier Appoints Lee Drumheller New Regional Sales Manager for the Southeast US


leedrumheller200x280Lee Drumheller, former Director of Customer Service in the Auburn, Alabama office, was recently promoted to Regional Sales Manager for the Southeast US region.


“This is an exciting opportunity for Lee and logical step for a man who has, time and time again, demonstrated has extensive knowledge of piston aircraft and has brought high praise from customers,” says Fred Ahles, president of Premier.  “Lee will be leading new Mooney and Diamond sales in his territory and sells Premier’s extensive inventory of pre-owned Beechcraft, Cessna, Cirrus, Diamond, Mooney and Piper aircraft.” In addition, Drumheller will accept acquisition agreements from customers who seek aircraft with specific features that are not currently advertised, using Premier’s worldwide network of “off market” inventory sources.


Drumheller, who has been a pilot for seven years, has 800+ plus hours as pilot in command.  He holds a private pilot with an instrument rating and recently earned his tail wheel endorsement; he is also a graduate of Auburn University’s well-regarded aviation program.  During his two years at Premier, he has been directly involved in every transaction of the Southeast US office. He replaces Richard Simile. Contact Lee at (334) 663-3151 or click here.


New Aircraft Management Program Announced for Light Jets and Turboprop Aircraft Owners

By Art Spengler, Vice President of Operations

Aircraft Management 

Responding to numerous requests from jet and turboprop owners, Premier has launched a new Aircraft Management Program under the direction of Art Spengler, vice president of operations and Susan McKenzie, manager of closing operations at Premier.


“Business aircraft owners are extremely busy people who often don’t have time in their schedules to keep track of their maintenance schedules, scheduling of pilots and other tasks,” says Spengler. “We take the management work off their shoulders and make sure the aircraft is flight-ready at all times.” The owners of aircraft currently managed under this program, notes Spengler, have been extremely complimentary about the service.


Services provided under the program include:


  • Hiring/scheduling pilots
  • Scheduling maintenance such as annuals, 100-hours, service bulletins, and required and recommended maintenance on component parts
  • Managing paperwork for insurance, hangaring, fuel, etc.


For more information about this service, contact Art Spengler at (954) 771-0411 or click here.


Manny’s Maintenance Minute: 50 Hour Inspections

By Emmanuel Vicioso, Inspector


When it’s time to change the oil on your beloved personal aircraft, take advantage of the technician performing the work and ask for a 50 hr inspection. Some manufacturers include it in their annual/100 hr inspection check list, but if yours doesn’t, worry not my friend… here’s a sample list:


Visually inspect the following:


  1. Brakes for condition
  2. Tires for wear condition
  3. Battery service/installation
  4. Engine oil and fuel lines for leaks
  5. Exhaust system for leaks
  6. Alternator belt for condition
  7. Induction air filter condition


Remember, the operator/owner is ultimately responsible for the preventive maintenance schedule of each aircraft, so keep this list in mind next time your aircraft is in for service. At Premier Aircraft Service, we’ve caught a couple of dangerous fuel leaks, worn to the metal brake pads and flat spotted tires (just to name a few) from many first time customers that were in just for an oil change and opted for the 50 hr. inspection. It’s a small investment now to prevent a large bill down the road. 

Happy flying!

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