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Diamond Aircraft 2017 DIAMOND DA42-VI N141DA SOLD! Total time, airframe: only 235 hours since new (subject to change) Engine: only 235 hours .. Product #: 2017 DIAMOND DA42-VI N141DA SOLD!


Make: Diamond Aircraft
Availability: SOLD!
INQUIRE: 954-771-0411


Like New, Low Time, One Owner

WAAS, Radar, Air-Conditioned, TKS Known Icing

This aircraft can be delivered with a PistonPower™ engine maintenance program!



  • Total time, airframe: only 235 hours since new (subject to change)
  • Engine: only 235 hours since new (subject to change)
  • Austro AE300 Turbo Diesel 168-HP
  • Propeller: only 235 hours since new (subject to change)
  • Annual: Completed December 2020
  • Useful Load 1097 lbs.


  • 4-way baggage compartment system
  • Hydraulic retractable landing gear
  • Gear warning horn muting system
  • Landing and taxi lights (Xenon)
  • Position and anti-collision lights
  • LED position and strobe lights
  • Nose baggage compartment accessible from both sides
  • Heated pitot tube
  • Alternate static port


  • Premium interior with adjustable backrests
  • Pilot and copilot reclining seats with lumbar support
  • Enlarged panoramic canopy
  • Sun glare shields and canopy lining


  • Integrated Garmin G1000 glass panel cockpit including:
  • GDU1040, 10-inch primary flight display including flight director
  • GDU1045, 10-inch multi-function display
  • GEA 71 airframe/engine interface unit
  • Dual Garmin GIA 63W COM/NAV/GPS – WAAS enabled
  • GMA 1347 digital audio system with last transmission recorder
  • GTX-345R ADS-B in & out Transponder
  • VFR terrain awareness system
  • GRS 77 solid-state attitude heading reference system
  • GDC 74 digital air data computer
  • GMU 44 magnetometer
  • ELT ARTEX 406 MHz


  • Garmin GFC700 automatic flight control system with flight director and yaw damper


  • Extended range fuel – (76 USG usable)
  • Sun Visors
  • Garmin synthetic vision technology (SVT)
  • Air conditioning/RACC system (powered by additional alternator)
  • TKS deicing system approved for flight in known icing
  • Electrically adjustable rudder pedals (pilot and copilot)
  • Standby instruments (compass, horizon, air speed and altimeter)
  • Composite cabin and safety seats (up to 26g)
  • Lightning protection system
  • Fire extinguisher
  • FAILSAFE airframe design
  • 3-point safety belts automatic (all seats)

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