Art Spengler, founding partner of Premier and sales manager, is a 35-year veteran of aviation who has clocked over 14,000 hours as pilot in command.  He holds an impressive array of pilot credentials, with commercial and Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificates, single and multi-engine land ratings, a seaplane rating, and a type rating in the BE20000S Beechcraft Starship.  Highly experienced in selling Beechcraft, Cessna, Diamond, Piper and Mooney aircraft, he has significant expertise with twins and diesel engine aircraft. He also provides corporate aircraft appraisal, acquisition and management services.

What his customers say:

“We were quite pleased with the professionalism and the camaraderie exhibited during the purchase and annual inspection.”

“The entire process was professional…everyone knew their jobs well and everyone treated us like a valued customer.”

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