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Aero Engine Protection Program

AEPC™ Launches Maintenance Programs for Piston Engine Aircraft and Signs Premier Aircraft Sales, Inc. as a PESP™ Strategic Marketing Partner.


Cooper City, FL – September 20, 2017 – In response to increasing cost and maintenance requirements needs within the $219 billion General Aviation marketplace, a world leader in pioneering engine maintenance programs, Ron Zilberbrand, CEO of AeroEngine Protection Corporation (AEPCTM), with other industry professionals with decades of experience, have launched AEPCTM, which provides maintenance programs for piston engine aircraft.


For protection against unexpected, costly maintenance expenses for piston engine aircraft, AeroEngine Protection Corporation (AEPC) introduces its new Piston Engine Service Programs (PESP). As an alternative to the high cost of aircraft maintenance, PESP minimizes the risk of costly unscheduled service and stabilizes service budgets resulting in predictable maintenance costs. PESP™ coverage extends beyond the warranty period and includes coverage for both scheduled and unscheduled service for covered components and accessories. Delivering predictability, protection, peace of mind and financial stability, AEPC programs are transferable upon the sale or trade of the covered aircraft resulting in increased aircraft residual value.


Currently, AEPC offers its services through its network of partnerships and is proud to announce that Premier Aircraft Sales, Inc. is a strategic marketing partner of AEPC™.


“The strategic partnership that we have developed, with Premier Aircraft Sales, Inc., will provide their customers with options to effectively manage their maintenance budgets and keep their planes flying,” states Ron Zilberbrand, CEO of AeroEngine Protection Corporation. 


“We have been waiting for years for a company to develop a program that allows piston owners and operators the same budget stabilizing benefits and increased residual values the turbine operators have enjoyed for decades. AEPC™ is that company and we look forward to a long relationship with the AEPC™ team”, states Fred Ahles, President of Premier Aircraft Sales, Inc.


AEPCTM PESP Family of Piston Engine Service Programs

AEPCTM has several service programs to fit your individual aircraft needs.

Program Features PESP™





 Coverage for Engine Components - 100% of Parts & Labor √  √  √ 
 Enrollment anytime during the engine's life
 Loaner Components – when available and applicable √  √  √ 
 Loaner Accessories – when available and applicable       
 Ground Freight       
 Help Desk 
 Loss of Use reimbursement - Covered Components       
 Trip Interruption reimbursement - Covered Components       
 Renewable Agreement       
 Agreement – 3-year minimum       
 Coverage for Engine Accessories – 100% of Parts and Labor       
 Agreement – 5-year minimum       
 Scheduled Service (Annual Inspections/Overhaul)       
Program Benefits   PESP™ PESP PLUS™  PESP CARE™ 
 Protection for unforeseen, costly maintenance expenses      
 Fixed budget for unscheduled service      
 Coverage & risk transfer beyond your Vendor’s warranty  period      
 Increased aircraft residual value      
 Agreement is fully-transferable upon aircraft sale      
 Fixed budget for scheduled service      


PESP™ Covered Engines

Covered Engines  
 Lycoming  320 Series
 Lycoming  360 Series 
 Lycoming  390 Series 
 Lycoming  540 Series 
 Continental  550 Series 


Example of Covered Components

 Case   Rings   Roller Tappets   Rods 
 Rocker Arm Shaft   Roller Camshaft  Gasket Set   Intake Springs 
 Camshaft-Standard   Intake Valve   Tappets - Standard   Main Bearings 
 Cylinder Assembly   Exhaust Valve   Pistons   Rod Bearings 
 Crankshaft   Exhaust Springs   Piston Pins   Rocker Arms 
 Oil Pump Housing   Oil Pump Gear Kit     

Example of Covered Components 

 Alternator  Engine Fuel Pump  Magnetos  Starter




Predictability • Peace of Mind • Value

Barry Rutheiser

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Premier Aircraft Management

If you own a business or personal aircraft and find it challenging to keep track of the hundreds of details involved, Premier Aircraft Management might be for you.

Hiring Premier Aircraft Management is like having your own personal flight department. We take care of every detail, from acquisition to day-to-day operations, pilot service, cost control, maintenance and repairs. If you prefer to have partners in your aircraft (“fractional ownership”), we will recruit suitable candidates. We make sure your plane is mission-ready whenever you are.  You can sit back and enjoy the benefits of owning your own business or personal aircraft without the hassles involved, by entrusting your aircraft management to a company known for its integrity and high standards – Premier Aircraft Management.  Here is what’s included in an aircraft management arrangement.

Aircraft acquisition and corporate structure: if you need to start at the beginning by purchasing your business aircraft, we will find one that meets your mission needs while providing comfort and convenience.  This includes:

  • Creating a detailed mission analysis focusing on such performance requirements as speed, range, service ceiling, seats, fuel burn, purchase price, total cost of ownership and a host of other considerations
  • Representing you in negotiating the purchase of the aircraft
  • Assisting you to obtain financing at most favorable rates
  • Assisting you to obtain insurance at the most favorable rates
  • Assisting with the creation of a corporate entity under which to operate the aircraft
  • Coordinating details with your business accountant and/or attorney as needed


Pilot qualifications and scheduling: We handle all the human resource functions involved in operating a business or personal aircraft, from hiring and training pilots to payroll, benefits (if paid) and expense reimbursement. This includes:

  • Hiring and coordinating a roster of highly experienced primary and back-up pilots trained and authorized to fly the aircraft
  • Coordinating professional training and required flight reviews for all pilots flying the client’s aircraft, using Simcom, Legacy or other another professional training facility
  • Scheduling pilots as trips arise
  • Coordinating pilot housing, meals and transportation while on multi-day trips


Maintenance and repair: We make sure your aircraft is in peak condition and ready to go at a moment’s notice, minimizing downtime when maintenance is needed.  This includes:

  • Coordinating maintenance of the aircraft, including 100-hour inspections, annual inspections, service bulletins and airworthiness directives
  • Inspecting the aircraft after each flight and addressing discrepancies as needed
  • Scheduling repairs as needed; obtaining estimates and tracking actual costs; tracking progress toward timely completion 


Accounting and cost control: We simplify financial management by preparing the records, reports and statements tailored to your particular needs.  This includes:

  • Creating and monitoring an expense reporting system to provide expense guidelines to pilots for hotels, meals and other reimbursable expenses
  • Documenting and monitoring aircraft expenses which can be deductible for tax filings in the U.S.
  • Negotiating and following up on the most favorable yearly trust program


Documentation: documentation is important for tax, maintenance, and cost control reasons – and some is mandated by law.  Mistakes in records can be costly.  Our service includes:

  • Checking on a monthly basis that pilots have properly recorded the flight logs, turbine cycles, and other FAA requirements. If deductible expenses require having passengers and destinations include in flight/trip logs, this will be done. 
  • Maintaining detailed documentation and ensuring all records are meticulously kept.

Customer support: You are a phone call away from flying your aircraft anytime you wish with a dedicated customer service specialist ready to take care of every trip detail

  • Overseeing the launch and return of each trip
  • Providing 24/7 availability for trip scheduling
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