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Premier’s maintenance shop provides owners of piston and light  turboprop aircraft with all their routine maintenance,  repair, equipment installation and upgrade/retrofit services. We are a:                                                        

    • Diamond, Mooney, Lycoming, Continental/Centurion and Austro authorized  service center
    • Beechcraft, Cirrus & Piper maintenance and repair facility
    • FAA Part 145 repair station CRS# 9PRR402B
    • EASA certified maintenance facility EASA.145.6596
    • Resource for upgrades and retrofits

We serve customers from all over the United States and are one of the few maintenance and repair shops with a European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) certification, meaning we can maintain and  repair European-registered aircraft that are flown in the US.

Our mission is clear:  to schedule you promptly, get your work done efficiently, communicate regularly, and get you back in the air safely. We’ll even pick up and deliver your aircraft if your schedule doesn’t permit you to bring it here yourself.

When you bring your airplane to Premier, you are entrusting the safety of your passengers and the integrity of your investment to one of the most highly-trained and experienced groups of  maintenance professionals in the country.  Our 11 A&P mechanics (four of whom are also FAA Inspectors), include military-trained mechanics and graduates of some of the nation’s top aviation  maintenance schools.


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  • 100-hour inspections
  • Annual inspections
  • 50-hour oil change and analysis
  • Airframe, powerplant and avionics repairs
  • Air conditioning tune-ups
  • Transponder & static system checks
  • ELT checks
  • Altimeter, transponder and static certification
  • Weight and balance certification
  • Deep cleaning, upholstery and carpet
  • Upholstery repair and re-dying 



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  • Mooney  air conditioning
  • CabinCool™ air conditioning (DA40 and DA42)
  • ADS-B installations
  • GDL 69 installations
  • Avidyne 600 installations
  • WX 500 installations
  • Skywatch installations  
  • Cessna 172 turbo-diesel engine conversions
  • Thielert 2.0 conversions (DA42)
  • AmSafe seatbelts
  • Monroy long-range fuel tanks
  • PowerPlus™ backup alternator systems
  • LoPresti Boom Beam HID lighting systems
  • MicroAero dynamic vortex generators


Why use Premier Aircraft Service?  In a word, for our people – their expertise, their years of experience, and their attitude.

Unlike most small maintenance shops, we send our mechanics to specialized factory training courses from aircraft and avionics manufacturers like Cessna, Diamond, Mooney, Piper, Austro, Continental/Centurion, Lycoming, Allison, Garmin,  King, AmSafe and Monroy. Our 11 mechanics have 150+ years of collective experience, meaning a lot of expertise and brainpower if your problem is complicated or difficult to diagnose. We constantly monitor our customer satisfaction through an anonymous customer satisfaction survey.  Ninety-eight percent of our customers will come back and recommend us to another pilot.



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Premier occupies 21,000 square feet of maintenance, showroom and office space in three hangars at Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport (KFXE). Hangar 13 and 14 house our modern maintenance facilities.

Hangar 15 houses our aircraft showroom.  In addition to maintenance, Premier is the exclusive dealer for new Mooney and Diamond aircraft in the Southeastern US, and maintains a constantly-refreshing inventory of all major brands of used aircraft .





Many customers take the family on vacation while leaving their plane for an annual or 100-hour at Premier.  In addition to Fort Lauderdale’s famous beaches, restaurants, shopping and nightlife, Premier is a day trip away from the Florida Keys, Miami, Palm Beach, Naples/Gulf coast and famous attractions like Disney World, the Miami Seaquarium, Lion Country African Safari, “swimming with the dolphins” parks  and alligator-watching in the Everglades – just to name a few favorites!

Fred Ahles


Office 954-771-0411

Cell 954-328-9280

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About Fred AhlesFred Ahles, President and Founding Partner of Premier Aircraft Sales, is a 51-year veteran of aviation who began his career washing planes at a sod strip in Michigan.  He has clocked over 12,000 hours as pilot in command, and holds an impressive array of pilot credentials, including Commercial and Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificates; single, multi-engine and instrument ratings, and a seaplane rating.  Fred has sold more Piper M-class aircraft (Meridians, Matrix’s and Malibus) than anyone, and over the years has been a dealer for Cessna, Diamond, Mooney and Piper aircraft. He is extremely proud of the people assembled at Premier and the superb customer service culture Premier offers. Premier Aircraft Sales is the second aircraft sales and maintenance operation he founded; the first was Grosse Ile Flight Service, which also offered flight training, air charter and air ambulance services. When not selling aircraft, Fred is an avid golfer who frequents courses in Florida and North Carolina, where he has a summer home in a fly-in community.


Here’s what his customers say:


“I just finished my purchase experience with Premier Aircraft Sales (PAS) and Fred Ahles. I must say, it was, by far, the best experience I have had purchasing any major asset. Fred and the team went far above and beyond normal and beyond what was required to make the transaction smooth, fair, and effortless for us. Job well done!” Brad C.


“Great job getting the avionics work done and me flying in time for the big trip with the kids! I can't believe you did it, Fred!” Paul R.


“I felt that Fred was trustworthy, honest, and up-front in our dealings.” Gian N.


“My experience with Fred was very good! I would buy again from Premier.” Raymond B.


“Fred is a great guy!” Jeffrey J. 

Barry Rutheiser

Sales Manager

Office 954-771-0411

Cell 248-909-8286

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About Barry Rutheiser

Barry Rutheiser, Regional Sales Manager, is a 35-year veteran of aviation.  A private pilot with an instrument rating, he has clocked over 4,000 hours as pilot in command.  During his 20 years in the aircraft sales profession, he has sold dozens of piston singles including Cessna, Piper, Beechcraft and Mooney aircraft.  As the owner of 17 aircraft over the years, Barry has a unique ability to discuss aircraft purchases and aircraft ownership from the perspective of a buyer/owner himself.  His most recent aircraft was an immaculate, vintage Cessna 150, in which he enjoyed taking friends for a weekend spin down the coast of sunny South Florida.


What his customers say:


“We believed from the beginning we were dealing with an organization and individual that would treat us fairly and deal with us with integrity…thank you for your candor, commujication and willingness to work with us on scheduling.” Steve H., Bob Jones University


“Barry is a delight to deal with.” Dan F.

Art Spengler

Vice President

of Operations

Office 954-771-0411

Cell 954-610-4144

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About Art Spengler

Art Spengler, Vice President for Operations and a founding partner of Premier, is a 35-year veteran of aviation who has clocked over 14,000 hours as pilot in command.  He holds an impressive array of pilot credentials, with Commercial and Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificates, single and multi-engine land ratings, a seaplane rating, and a type rating in the BE20000S Beechcraft Starship.  Highly-experienced in selling Beechcraft, Cessna, Diamond, Piper and Mooney aircraft, he has significant expertise with twins and diesel engine aircraft. He also provides corporate aircraft appraisal, acquisition and management services.


What his customers say:


“We were quite pleased with the professionalism and the camaraderie exhibited during the purchase and annual inspection.”


“The entire process was professional, everyone knew their jobs well and everyone treated us like a valued customer.”

Kurt Roy

Sales Manager

Office 727-288-2085

Cell 727-809-1061

Skype ID: rotoroy

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About Kurt RoyKurt Roy, Regional Sales Manager in the Tampa, Florida area, has enjoyed a 35-year career in aviation, sales and marketing. He first trained as a helicopter pilot in the US Army in 1975. He went on to become a fixed wing pilot and holds Commercial and Certified Flight Instructor ratings in both fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft. He has accumulated over 3,200 hours, much of it in turboprop aircraft while working for FedEx in a Cessna 208 Caravan and as a Part 135/91 charter pilot in the Pilatus PC-12. On weekends, he enjoys flying around in his vintage Grumman AA-1.


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